Can You Lose Weight in 20 days?

lose weight 20 days

It all started with a text message,’Lose Weight in 20 days’, from one of the so-called we guarantee weight loss clinics. Yes, they do exists and a lot of people fall prey to such marketing gimmicks.

It is very amusing that these clinics/companies/gyms claim to squeeze the fat out of our bodies in just 20 days! Do you really believe in the claims they make?

The fat that we accumulate on our bodies over the years is expected to disappear without doing any workout or physical activity. Here is a proof of what these clinics claim-

Is it really possible?

The weight loss or diet clinics/companies usually play with your emotions and your lack of knowledge of how diet and exercise can aid weight loss or fat loss. Having said that, I am not against you trying any new diet but one should also understand that something which is fast and easy doesn’t last for long. But do not fall for marketing gimmicks and spend thousands on clinics which will assure you spot reduction. It is simple, Spot Reduction Does Not Exist.

How can you lose weight?

Since the time I have had drastic changes in my physical appearance, a lot of people have come to me asking how did you do it?  Any specific diet you followed or did you take any supplements which claim to reduce fat?
weight loss Weight Loss

Well, weight loss is a long process and a commitment for life. Over a period of time, you will learn and understand what works for you and what doesn’t. So first thing first -Get out there and start any physical activity or workouts. In case you do not have the time or invest resources initially, working out at home is also possible. Follow these simple workout routines at home which can help and assist you to get in shape.

Journey of a thousand miles begins with single step-Lao Tzu

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