Eating Right ?

The Art of Eating Right is One of the most debated and frequently discussed topics in the fitness industry. How many of you are in a fix trying to decide what is the right thing to eat for breakfast? Over the years I have been trying to figure out the best combination of food to suit my body needs. Like everyone else I have made many mistakes when it came to selecting the right food to eat.

Skipping Breakfast

Fitness industry throws a lot of new words each year and we tend to get confused and end up following a diet plan which may not necessarily suit us. People talk about ketosis, intermediate fasting, carb loading and high protein etc. diets to name a few.  These are a few diets which work very effectively on our bodies but the question here is for how long can one continue doing it? For the longest period of time, I have had this notion in my mind that after eating breakfast my body becomes sluggish! So what I did next was very terrible. I started to skip breakfast completely. A complete no in the ‘fitness world’ and even in someone’s life who doesn’t go to a gym, but I managed to do this for a good 3 to 4 years which is a very long duration.

Skipping breakfast altogether for prolonged years can have a very negative impact on your body. Weight gain, mood swings, hormonal stress are some of the few side effects of it. There is still a lot of debate on this topic and a lot of expert opinions are out there on the internet.

Breaking the Fast

Me being a firm believer in the theory of change is the only constant, decided that let me give the morning breakfast another chance and started experimenting with various options to eat from. This is when I struck gold and the rest my friends is what they call history!!

overnight oats, eating right

Recipe for Overnight Oats

An ideal way to jump-start your day, overnight oats keeps you full for a longer duration and will help you to cut down on your cravings.

Oats, banana , honey, eating right

You Are What You Eat- So Don’t be Fast, Cheap, Easy or Fake!

Wheysted or Wasted ?

Are protein supplements really bad for you?

Protein Supplement

How often do you hear people advising you on the amount of protein supplements one should or should not consume? In my case, I hear this every other day. People usually are afraid of things which they don’t fully understand and that is why end up giving suggestions based on what they hear.

That shit is going to give you kidney stones.

Don’t consume so much of protein.

There is a lot of material out on the internet about this subject matter. However, one fails to understand the need of protein powders or supplements in day to day use for someone who works out 5 days a week. It is recommended to consume protein immediately post workout as our broken down muscle fibers require the ammunition to rebuild them. This is the time when our bodies can absorb the protein quickly and push out the amino acids to repair the fibers.

Proteins -The Primary Building Blocks

  • Proteins are an important building block for skin, blood, muscles, cartilage, and bones.
  • It’s required for muscle repairs and recovery
  • Our bodies require proteins to make hormones and enzymes. 

     Do I recommend protein supplements for beginners?

If you have recently taken gym membership, you must have noticed that your trainer or gym buddy will ask you to purchase protein powders. After you complete two to three weeks of working out. They will even go out of the way to show you how these protein powders will be effective on you and start yielding out results for you too.

I am of the opinion that if you are a beginner, you should first get used to the workout schedule. Try to then increase your protein intake gradually from the food you eat. Start with Egg whites, chicken or amarnath, quinoa for the vegetarian friends of mine.

“Diet- a misunderstood word”

Once you have settled into a rhythm say approximately 3 months into your workout regime, that is when you should think about opting for protein supplements. Take a look at the different types of proteins one can consume.

Types of proteins to choose from

Once you have started taking protein supplements, remember that it is not going to yield immediate results. It takes time and patience to reach your goals.

“Diet- a misunderstood word”

The most difficult thing to do universally when one sets out on goal for body transformation is to follow a proper nutrition. I hate the word diet as it is the most misunderstood word and mind you the most misused word in the world of the fitness industry.

 In nutrition,diet is the sum of food consumed by a person .

Read the above-quoted sentence and you will immediately realize that it is just a small part of the nutrition. So what really matters is to have a correct nutrition which automatically sets your diet on the right track. I am sure everyone must have heard of these names and often unsuccessfully tried to follow these ‘diets’ from around the world to kickstart our journey of fitness be it ‘Vegan Diet’, Keto Diet or Atkinson’s Diet.

Keto Dietimages-2

Invariably we start with these fancy names and end up doing a ‘Crash Diet’ , meaning more often or not we starve our bodies almost to the point of inflicting potential threat to vital organs of our body.

So what really is the key to having correct nutrition ? What works for me may not work for you since our bodies are different and react differently to certain foods. The key to correct nutrition is to understand your body and set our eating habits accordingly. Eating every 2hrs keeps our metabolism rate high . When I say eat it doesn’t mean have full meals after every 2hrs. Munch on some healthy and light snacks in between meals and do not do the mistake of going without any food for more than three hours that puts our bodies into a catabolic state. So see what works best for you and  share your feedback in the comments below.

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