The Instagram Body

Oh boy! if you are on Instagram and other social media apps to follow some of your fitness idols be assured of being shown the perfect photograph or that perfect angle to show that perfect pump.

Over a course of time, you realise how insignificant and unimportant having this stupidly portrayed perfect social media body really is!

They have reached to this level after years and years of dedication and hard-work. There are a few handful of genuine folks like Sonali Swami, Biswajit Basak and Miten Kakaniya to name a few. Mind you none of the things which they put up out there is a work of some magic wand.

Remember that not every ‘fitness’ expert on social media is genuine and more often than not they are trying to make a buck out of your obsession.

Get Inspired, not fooled by Instagram!

The hashtag fitness world on social media has its place when it comes to inspire and motivate. It becomes a lot dangerous when someone gets obsessed with having a perfect social media body.

Yes, people and especially young brains do get obsessed. There was this person who became the so-called Instagram friend of mine who was looking forward to getting in shape. Her marriage was on the cards and soon while speaking with her I realised that she was super obsessed to get a fit body. 8 to 9 months down the line we happened to get in touch again only to know that she is now anorexic and faced critical life-threatening conditions. The reason behind this was that someone on Instagram gave her an insane diet which consisted of only having juices and mind you all of this without any workout!

Luckily she has now realised what she underwent and is now on her way to back to healthy lifestyle.

There are more aspects to good health than just the physical body. You should work just as hard on finding your mental, emotional and spiritual happiness too.So the key lies in drawing up realistic plans for yourself, the ones which you know you can follow and adhere to.

If you want to find the purpose behind your fitness pursuits, you should read this article about finding  your purpose

No one else is going to benefit from this apart from you, so be true to yourself and be realistic.

Progression takes time, it’s like how a child first learns to crawl and then to stand on two feet and then develops the ability to run.

It is important to know and understand whom to follow and whom not to. Do not let others take you for a ride at the cost of your health.

An Explainer – Ideal Repetition Range

The new year workout resolutions are done and dusted. Gyms are getting fuller with memberships and along with that, you see a lot of helpless and clueless new joiners wondering what exercises to do, how many repetitions to do? Which cardio machine they should hop on to.

Fear, not my fellow mates, through this article I am going to help you with one of the many things which are at the top of any weightlifters mind!

The Ideal Rep Range

Some old school guys in this industry might hate me for what I am saying but here is the hard truth. There is no such thing called ideal repetition range. Yes, surprised? Well, don’t be because what’s ideal for you may not be ideal for me and vice versa.

The foremost important thing to remember here is the goal which you have set for yourself. Go and ask anyone with a sane head and they will tell you that high repetitions do not mean that you are the only one in the Gym who is doing the right workout. High repetitions do have their place in bodybuilding and so does medium and low rep range.

High Repetitions

Something commonly referred to as volume training is purely a way to put muscles in tension for the maximum amount of time till muscle fatigue sets in.

If you are new and not used to this type of training then you are going to get tired very quickly and also you won’t be able to push heavy weights. Why? because 35 pounds for 15 or more reps will feel like 90 pounds by the last and final rep.

High volume/reps training will ensure to boost or increase your muscle endurance. So if you are someone who is in sports or for whom size doesn’t matter then this is the perfect zone to workout in.

Medium Repetitions:

Gaining size and stimulate muscle growth is your thing then this is the ideal way to lift weights. This rep range usually consists of 8-12 reps for each set with weights challenging enough. The moderate or medium rep range will work great if you have fast twitch type 2 muscles. This way you can stimulate your muscles to their maximum potential.

Low Repetitions

The third one being low rep range is something which is effective for Olympic lifters and other sports like strong men competitions etc. This is a general perception everyone has since this kind of extreme low rep range allows you to push heavy weights. Working out in this zone will help you to push to your 1 Rep Max weights.

The Perfect Combination

If you are aiming at sticking to one of the above routines for your workouts then you will not do any justice to your body. To build up strength, muscles and at the same time build up endurance, you should shuffle up your workouts with a combination of three rep ranges. Being stagnant and getting in the comfort zone will not take you anywhere.

So go out there and try mixing things up a little bit, go heavy on some days with low reps and on the follow-up week maybe go light weights with high repetitions. Choose what works best for you.

It never gets easier, You just get better!

For all the new entrants into the weightlifting life here is a low down on how one can set their fitness goals for the new year. Well, if this is not something that you do then simply share and like the article!!

Setting Fitness Goals for 2018

Fitness Goals are way too easy to plan but are equally difficult to execute! How many of you agree with me on this? The famous saying  ‘It’s easier said than done’ cannot hold any true than in the case of setting fitness goals.

Far too many years have gone by where each approaching new year’s eve you have planned to keep a check on that beer belly or those delicious unavoidable goodies. If you happen to be a teenager or someone who is in their 40’s, worry no more because down below you will find out a way to execute your fitness goals for 2018.

How can you plan Fitness Goals?

An average person like you and me will realise the need for change after weighing in on the scale or by the classic way of friends telling us that ‘Hey, I think you have become fat.’

Whatever may be the reason, the fact that you have made up your mind for the change should be exactly what you are looking for. Many a time this is the phase wherein you plan a lot of things in your mind but ultimately do not end up executing.

You will end up browsing a zillion articles and videos on the internet only to be demotivated at the end of it. The information out there on the internet looks far too easy for the person who is featured in the video. Mind you, that person is already at his peak of his body fitness so those crazy 10 feet jump squats of those burpees with mountain climbing might look a daunting task to you.

No, I am not going to scare you away with all that but instead, offer you one more shot at being a Better You.


2018 is still a good 2 weeks away and you do not want to wait till the first Monday of 2018 ( For those in India, your first Monday will mostly be all about getting rid of the hangover) to start.  So grab a piece of pen and paper or open that spreadsheet on the laptop and START jotting down what you want and where you want to be by the end of March 2018. Yes just how corporates set their quarterly goals, I believe that breaking down your fitness journeys into 4 quarters will help you in the long run.

Fitness goals Start now



The best part about fitness is that it’s a holistic change. It will turn your life around physically and mentally both. So don’t set goals like ‘My biceps should measure 14’ or ‘I want to get rid of those love handles’. Once you get this drilled into your head you will see how easy it becomes to execute your plans.  So people, let’s set the goal to be a Better You at the end of the first quarter of 2018. Measure your weight, your BMI(Body Mass Index) if you can and let the mirror be the best judge.

fitness goals mind over matter


Yes, we all have our weaknesses. Most of the times these weaknesses are due to professional and personal reasons. Let’s address these issues at hand first so that they don’t get in your way of a ‘better you.’ Management of time is the key to addressing these issues and yes you can give yourself just a mere 20 minutes in a day  (Click To Watch Video) to begin with. So are you ready to get rid of these roadblocks from getting in your way?

 Go Public

Go out there on the social media and make your goals public. In case you are worried about being laughed at or shamed, discuss the fitness goals with your peers or friends. This works in two- ways. It will make you more accountable and you will come to know who your real well-wishers are! On the flip side, you will also know your haters and trolls are. Trust me, this way you can start avoiding all the negative people around. So set your Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat feed buzzing.

Fitness Goals to Inspire

So are you all set and ready to take on this new year with your fitness goals? If you like this blog share it with your friends. If you have not yet subscribed to Life Is Transformation blog, then click here to read more about your weekly dose of fitness, health and wellness.

Get Inspired to Inspire, Be Motivated to Motivate

Are Protein Supplements Good for You?

Protein Supplements

There is a lot of material out on the internet about protein supplements. However, one fails to understand the need for protein powders or supplements in day to day use for someone who works out 5 days a week. It is recommended to consume protein immediately post workout as our broken down muscle fibres require the ammunition to rebuild them. This is the time when our bodies can absorb the protein quickly and push out the amino acids to repair the fibres.

Types of proteins to choose from

  • Whey
  • Casein
  • Soy Protein

The Primary Building Blocks

  • Proteins are an important building block for skin, blood, muscles, cartilage, and bones.
  • It’s required for muscle repairs and recovery
  • Our bodies require proteins to make hormones and enzymes.

     Do I recommend protein supplements for beginners?

If you have recently taken gym membership, you must have noticed that your trainer or gym buddy will ask you to purchase supplements. After you complete two to three weeks of working out. They will even go out of the way to show you how these protein powders will be effective on you and start yielding out results for you too.


I am of the opinion that if you are a beginner, you should first get used to the workout schedule. Try to then increase your protein intake gradually from the food you eat. Start with Egg whites, chicken or Amarnath, quinoa for the vegetarian friends of mine. One should always aim to get all the proteins from the food we eat and not completely rely on protein supplements.

Once you settle into a rhythm say approximately 3 or 4 months into your workout regime, that is when you should think about opting for protein supplements. Remember that it is not going to yield immediate results. It takes time and patience to reach your goals.


The Shape Of You

A week has passed since the Diwali holidays ended and we all must have swayed on Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran and ended up losing our shapes instead. Bummed out, feeling swollen and bloated post-Diwali holidays? Eaten all sorts of sweets and went overboard with alcohol and desserts? Well, there are many of us who have committed the gluttony and now wondering what to do and how to get back to our routines.

I personally love to devour a box full of Kaju Katli. Let us all admit that we let loose on our diets during festivals. No harm in doing that every once in a while.  A quick fact check– One box of Kaju katli mithai is approximately 1140 calories which amounts to half of our daily calorie intake! Check out My Fitness Pal for more details and information on the food we eat

Wondering how to get rid of all the fat and lose the laziness which has set in? It’s easy to think but equally difficult to execute our plan of action. So what do you do in such a situation? Even a regular gym goer like me also faces this question time and again. Having the liberty of speaking with some of the leading fitness experts from the industry and gaining knowledge from them and learning from my own experience, I suggest and recommend everyone to follow some of the few tips listed below.

Start from the scratch

So getting back to workouts after a long break can be a bit taxing on the mind and body. Remember that gradual progression is what you should aim for instead of going and directly loading on the poundage. Here are some of my suggestions and recommendations:-

  • I suggest and recommend to give emphasis on form correction and light weights to just get your bodies back on track after the layoff. Throw in a bit of cardio and some body weight workout such as push-ups and pull-ups along with some core training.
  • From the following week onwards you can gradually increase the poundage to where you left off before the holidays started. 
  • Drink lots of water to keep your hydration levels high. There is no alternative to drinking water as it helps to detox and rejuvenates us.

Lastly, I would advise keeping a track of what food you are eating. It is the only way to ensure that you balance out all the eating you have done during the Diwali break.

It takes 4 weeks..For you to see your body changing,

It takes 8 weeks for your friends and families

Keep Going!!


An Un-Successful story

Successful People

The world is filled with stories of how most of the successful people were ordinary employees once and how they took the plunge into entrepreneurship! Just google this up and you will find a long list of names.

Looks like this is the only way to go if one has to be successfull in life.

You won’t find a long list of people described as ‘successful’ who have given up their self-employed status and gone back to working for someone else. For many, this is considered as a downward career graph as there are a lot of factors involved when someone takes such decisions.

The Unlearning Process

For those who know me, I had to take the decision to work for someone else as my self-employed career was headed nowhere. This takes a lot of toll physically and mentally to know that something which you are doing is absolutely not working out. But it takes a lot of courage to come out in the open and go back to working for someone else. The initial few months were extremely difficult as I had to adjust myself to take orders from someone else. Adjusting to taking orders was one of the most challenging aspects and I knew I had to take it all in my stride just to be in the game.


Today it’s been almost 2 and half years since I have been working in a corporate setup and life has never looked so bright and positive.

My story won’t be considered as a success story as there are no millions of dollars involved. 

For me the failures and setbacks I have had, have been put to rest. Today I am in a position to write about it which is owed only to the unlimited success I have achieved in my own eyes.


I leave you with a question to which only you can have an answer for – Do you still consider yourself Un-Successful? 

Making Peace with Your Past


It’s been more than a few years now since I have actually taken out time to retrospect on how my life has panned out.

Have you ever tried to look back at your past and then getting lost in the small stories which eventually shaped you up?

So last week I made conscious decision to look back at how my life has evolved over the years. The idea here was not to see how good or bad my life has been, but merely a way to say to myself that

Look, this is your life story and no one but you are responsible for it

A Past to Remember?

As I was reminiscing the yesteryear’s I realised that I  made few terrible choices and mistakes. But at the same time, there were many decisions of my life which turned out to be good. So is there a point to look back and keep wondering and thinking how we could have done something better to change the way we are living now?

My answer to this question is that there is no point in looking back and then regretting or cursing yourself on how your current life has shaped up. Rather when you are drawn to your past, encourage your mind to say that there is a reason why all this is in the past. You smile about it or even cry about it but never let what you did in your past affect the decision making in your present stage. When you look back and reflect on everything that has happened in our past, we learn to move forward It is only when you can ever make peace with your past.

You Make Peace with Your  Past by owning your Piece of the past. – Andy Stanley

Eating Right ?

The Art of Eating Right is One of the most debated and frequently discussed topics in the fitness industry. How many of you are in a fix trying to decide what is the right thing to eat for breakfast? Over the years I have been trying to figure out the best combination of food to suit my body needs. Like everyone else I have made many mistakes when it came to selecting the right food to eat.

Skipping Breakfast

Fitness industry throws a lot of new words each year and we tend to get confused and end up following a diet plan which may not necessarily suit us. People talk about ketosis, intermediate fasting, carb loading and high protein etc. diets to name a few.  These are a few diets which work very effectively on our bodies but the question here is for how long can one continue doing it? For the longest period of time, I have had this notion in my mind that after eating breakfast my body becomes sluggish! So what I did next was very terrible. I started to skip breakfast completely. A complete no in the ‘fitness world’ and even in someone’s life who doesn’t go to a gym, but I managed to do this for a good 3 to 4 years which is a very long duration.

Skipping breakfast altogether for prolonged years can have a very negative impact on your body. Weight gain, mood swings, hormonal stress are some of the few side effects of it. There is still a lot of debate on this topic and a lot of expert opinions are out there on the internet.

Breaking the Fast

Me being a firm believer in the theory of change is the only constant, decided that let me give the morning breakfast another chance and started experimenting with various options to eat from. This is when I struck gold and the rest my friends is what they call history!!

overnight oats, eating right

Recipe for Overnight Oats

An ideal way to jump-start your day, overnight oats keeps you full for a longer duration and will help you to cut down on your cravings.

Oats, banana , honey, eating right

You Are What You Eat- So Don’t be Fast, Cheap, Easy or Fake!

On a Purpose

A life without any purpose is like hitting the arrow in the dark not knowing if you are hitting the target. How often do you feel tired and lost, bogged down by leading a mundane time driven and time controlled life? You wake up and do your things, reach respective offices or colleges or whatever your daily place of work is.

The Questions Asked

There have been times where I have hit the bed at night after a very long and tiring day wondering why I am doing what I am doing? Has anyone of you too faced this question where you are at a total loss of an idea and do not understand why you are doing what you are doing? I am sure the answer to this will be a unanimous one.

So here I was one fine day after completing my daily grind wondering what is that one thing which has kept me ticking in my long journey of body transformation? A few days passed and I still couldn’t come out with an answer as to why I am doing this. Let me be honest and tell you that I was going to give up mid way not wanting to further continue with it as the purpose of what I was doing had got a little hazy.

To begin to think with purpose, is to enter the ranks of those strong ones who only recognize failure as one of the pathways to attainment. – James Allen

Luckily for me, this was the time when I came across Simon Sinek, a world-famous TED talk speaker and a marketing consultant for various global corporates. To his credit is one such famous theory of – ‘The Golden Circle’ 

Realign with Purpose

This theory for me has been an eye-opener of sorts as it questions one’s core beliefs only to come out with a definitive purpose and a very optimistic way forward.

So wanting to apply Simon’s Golden Circle theory in my personal life, I asked these 3 simple questions to myself:-

Why am I doing this?

How am I doing this?

What is the outcome of it?

More often than not we are culprits of first trying to figure out the What and then the How and lastly the Why; this may not be the wrong thing to do but first, try to ask the question of ‘Why’ to yourself. Once you come out with an answer to why your all other aspects like ‘How’ and ‘What’ will to fall in place.

The day when I had a clear purpose of my daily routine in front of me, I started to enjoy it even more and never questioned myself again.

Purpose is not the Thing You Do,It lies within You

The Fear Of Failure

Fear of Failure leads to Failure – Paul Cohelo

Failure has always been by my side like a very very close friend. I am on the other side of the 30s now and life hasn’t exactly panned out the way I had envisioned it. For days I have pondered and wondered that why things just never went my way. This created a lot of self -doubt and disbelief in my own abilities.

There have been days where I have locked myself up in the room thinking why does it all have to go wrong?  People who know me well enough will tell you that

He will always leave things halfway through.

I really don’t think that I lacked determination or the will to go all the way. From relations to work life, it’s always been the story.

Early Life

I first held a cricket bat in my hand when I was a 4-year-old boy. My focus while growing up was always cricket. But never was I pressurized that I have to make it to the competitive level. Maybe my parents had realized it earlier that he might be talented but may not have the resilience of going the long distance.

cricket bat pose

As a kid, I was ecstatic to play with people almost twice my age. Our coach must have spotted something in me and may be that’s why he had directly put me to train with the senior team.

We were coached by Avi Sir, a well- known figure in the cricketing fraternity at Dadar.  An avid cricketer, who had missed an opportunity to make it to the national side at the last minute due to an injury. But he did not give up, instead, he focused on training youngsters like me to fulfill their dreams. We were just 12 then.

The Fear Of Failure

This is where my destiny with failures began. I cannot fully say failure but a cowardly behaviour which lead to the foundation of the many failures to come. Our team was a part of a cricket tournament and we had reached the finals. On the day of the finals, as our team reached the ground I saw our opponents who I felt were a much stronger team.

I was intimidated by them, a lot was going in my mind at that time.My parents were there to see the team win, to see me play a game I loved. During the practice I faked an injury, I did get some back spasms but not which will put me out of the team. I went up to my coach and informed him I won’t be able to play. That there I think was the nail in the coffin. I sat out that game, we ended up on the winning side.

I could see the disappointment in my parent’s eyes but they never mentioned it to me. They had come to see their son play. Winning or losing didn’t matter.  Right there I had failed them and I had failed myself.  Why I did what I did I would probably never know but I guess the occasion was far bigger than what I had anticipated.

Rise Above It

Today, the present me is not a success that I would like to be but none the less I have managed to put my past failures behind me and emerge successful in front of my eyes.

My success has come in form of body and lifestyle transformation. When you look at it from the larger perspective, it is exactly what life offers. Fear of Failure is on everyone’s mind but be thoughtful and resilient to rise above it and you will emerge a better person. Failure is not the end of it all, but that one step which can transform your life.

fear, failure, rise

The key is not to prove yourself to others but to prove yourself in front of the mirror which you face every single morning.I have managed to prove it to myself that I can outlast and outclass myself by mere self -determination and sacrifices, good things and results take time. So be thoughtful and resilient to rise above it and you will emerge a better person.

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently- Henry Ford