Setting Fitness Goals for 2018

Fitness Goals are way too easy to plan but are equally difficult to execute! How many of you agree with me on this? The famous saying  ‘It’s easier said than done’ cannot hold any true than in the case of setting fitness goals.

Far too many years have gone by where each approaching new year’s eve you have planned to keep a check on that beer belly or those delicious unavoidable goodies. If you happen to be a teenager or someone who is in their 40’s, worry no more because down below you will find out a way to execute your fitness goals for 2018.

How can you plan Fitness Goals?

An average person like you and me will realise the need for change after weighing in on the scale or by the classic way of friends telling us that ‘Hey, I think you have become fat.’

Whatever may be the reason, the fact that you have made up your mind for the change should be exactly what you are looking for. Many a time this is the phase wherein you plan a lot of things in your mind but ultimately do not end up executing.

You will end up browsing a zillion articles and videos on the internet only to be demotivated at the end of it. The information out there on the internet looks far too easy for the person who is featured in the video. Mind you, that person is already at his peak of his body fitness so those crazy 10 feet jump squats of those burpees with mountain climbing might look a daunting task to you.

No, I am not going to scare you away with all that but instead, offer you one more shot at being a Better You.


2018 is still a good 2 weeks away and you do not want to wait till the first Monday of 2018 ( For those in India, your first Monday will mostly be all about getting rid of the hangover) to start.  So grab a piece of pen and paper or open that spreadsheet on the laptop and START jotting down what you want and where you want to be by the end of March 2018. Yes just how corporates set their quarterly goals, I believe that breaking down your fitness journeys into 4 quarters will help you in the long run.

Fitness goals Start now



The best part about fitness is that it’s a holistic change. It will turn your life around physically and mentally both. So don’t set goals like ‘My biceps should measure 14’ or ‘I want to get rid of those love handles’. Once you get this drilled into your head you will see how easy it becomes to execute your plans.  So people, let’s set the goal to be a Better You at the end of the first quarter of 2018. Measure your weight, your BMI(Body Mass Index) if you can and let the mirror be the best judge.

fitness goals mind over matter


Yes, we all have our weaknesses. Most of the times these weaknesses are due to professional and personal reasons. Let’s address these issues at hand first so that they don’t get in your way of a ‘better you.’ Management of time is the key to addressing these issues and yes you can give yourself just a mere 20 minutes in a day  (Click To Watch Video) to begin with. So are you ready to get rid of these roadblocks from getting in your way?

 Go Public

Go out there on the social media and make your goals public. In case you are worried about being laughed at or shamed, discuss the fitness goals with your peers or friends. This works in two- ways. It will make you more accountable and you will come to know who your real well-wishers are! On the flip side, you will also know your haters and trolls are. Trust me, this way you can start avoiding all the negative people around. So set your Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat feed buzzing.

Fitness Goals to Inspire

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