An Explainer – Ideal Repetition Range

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The new year workout resolutions are done and dusted. Gyms are getting fuller with memberships and along with that, you see a lot of helpless and clueless new joiners wondering what exercises to do, how many repetitions to do? Which cardio machine they should hop on to.

Fear, not my fellow mates, through this article I am going to help you with one of the many things which are at the top of any weightlifters mind!

The Ideal Rep Range

Some old school guys in this industry might hate me for what I am saying but here is the hard truth. There is no such thing called ideal repetition range. Yes, surprised? Well, don’t be because what’s ideal for you may not be ideal for me and vice versa.

The foremost important thing to remember here is the goal which you have set for yourself. Go and ask anyone with a sane head and they will tell you that high repetitions do not mean that you are the only one in the Gym who is doing the right workout. High repetitions do have their place in bodybuilding and so does medium and low rep range.

High Repetitions

Something commonly referred to as volume training is purely a way to put muscles in tension for the maximum amount of time till muscle fatigue sets in.

If you are new and not used to this type of training then you are going to get tired very quickly and also you won’t be able to push heavy weights. Why? because 35 pounds for 15 or more reps will feel like 90 pounds by the last and final rep.

High volume/reps training will ensure to boost or increase your muscle endurance. So if you are someone who is in sports or for whom size doesn’t matter then this is the perfect zone to workout in.

Medium Repetitions:

Gaining size and stimulate muscle growth is your thing then this is the ideal way to lift weights. This rep range usually consists of 8-12 reps for each set with weights challenging enough. The moderate or medium rep range will work great if you have fast twitch type 2 muscles. This way you can stimulate your muscles to their maximum potential.

Low Repetitions

The third one being low rep range is something which is effective for Olympic lifters and other sports like strong men competitions etc. This is a general perception everyone has since this kind of extreme low rep range allows you to push heavy weights. Working out in this zone will help you to push to your 1 Rep Max weights.

The Perfect Combination

If you are aiming at sticking to one of the above routines for your workouts then you will not do any justice to your body. To build up strength, muscles and at the same time build up endurance, you should shuffle up your workouts with a combination of three rep ranges. Being stagnant and getting in the comfort zone will not take you anywhere.

So go out there and try mixing things up a little bit, go heavy on some days with low reps and on the follow-up week maybe go light weights with high repetitions. Choose what works best for you.

It never gets easier, You just get better!

For all the new entrants into the weightlifting life here is a low down on how one can set their fitness goals for the new year. Well, if this is not something that you do then simply share and like the article!!

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