Not Enough Time!

What's your excuse?

The Age Old Excuse

“I don’t have the time”- is a very well known and also a common excuse we give. As a result, we more often than not fail to give a 100% commitment towards our workouts. Like the many of us who often complain that we do not get adequate time after or before office hours to hit the gym, I would like to tell them that I completely understand where they come from. But at the same time, one must also always remember that we must commit few hours to our workout.

I have myself given such excuses before in my life and now when I look back, it almost makes the fool out of me, stand out!

Throwback Time

Let me recall the time in my life where I would sleep at 3 am every single night and wake up around noon. We all had our share of sins and have done this at some or the other point of our lives.

That lifestyle is a past tense for me now, and it scares me even more when I look back. Like the most of us out there, I too have a regular 9 to 5 desk job. My day begins at 5 am even before the sun rises. Being a slow starter I have to wake up at least an hour prior to my workouts. I typically hit the gym at around 6.15 am and finish my workouts within the next 2 hours. It’s been almost a few years now and my body has gotten used to this routine.

Time- an excuse

 It is not easy to wake up early and this is where lies the key to everything, Our Lifestyle.

Being  Stronger Than Your Excuses

It is in our hands to bring about a change in lifestyle. Your family, your wife, your kids, no one can help you in this unless you decide to do it. Yes, their support will indeed take you a long way but for them to support you, first initiate the change. I am not asking everyone to wake up early or follow my routine, but you are smart enough to understand the point I am trying to make. Try to accommodate time for your workouts, be it in the mornings or in the evenings, be it weight lifting or mere jog on the road. Let there be no more excuses.

Bring about the change and see the difference it brings about in your life. Each day you will wake up with a new zeal, full of energy to take on the challenges this urban jungle throws at you. A fit body is a key to a fit mind and a fit mind is a key to boundless happiness. So how can one bring about this change? What is the catalyst that can possibly make one do insane choices? Well, the answer here lies in the mind, as its rightly said by Buddha:

‘What you think you become, What you feel you attract and What you imagine you create’

21 thoughts on “Not Enough Time!”

  1. True, true, true we have the age of excuses. However when it comes to gym there is for my only one, I don’t like the environment, I don’t like the smell and I don’t like the people. I like sports with other people and it seems in the gym everyone is on his own, simply not being with anyone else

    1. Well, in that case, you can always opt for an outdoor gym! If not gym, any physical activity is what I recommend.

  2. Wish I had the determination you have. I’m quite lanky and have a “dent” in my chest so really tried to work on my chest. After 6 months nothing was happening so gave it up. Learnt to accept that I’ll always benthe guy with a scrap chest haha

  3. Oh my gosh. Yes yes yes! I’m at the gym just about every day at 5:30am. And I complain and mumble and grumble about getting there because…that’s just really early. But once I’m finished I always feel like I can take on the world. It really is a recharge button for me.

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