Wheysted or Wasted ?


Are protein supplements really bad for you?

Protein Supplement

How often do you hear people advising you on the amount of protein supplements one should or should not consume? In my case, I hear this every other day. People usually are afraid of things which they don’t fully understand and that is why end up giving suggestions based on what they hear.

That shit is going to give you kidney stones.

Don’t consume so much of protein.

There is a lot of material out on the internet about this subject matter. However, one fails to understand the need of protein powders or supplements in day to day use for someone who works out 5 days a week. It is recommended to consume protein immediately post workout as our broken down muscle fibers require the ammunition to rebuild them. This is the time when our bodies can absorb the protein quickly and push out the amino acids to repair the fibers.

Proteins -The Primary Building Blocks

  • Proteins are an important building block for skin, blood, muscles, cartilage, and bones.
  • It’s required for muscle repairs and recovery
  • Our bodies require proteins to make hormones and enzymes. 

     Do I recommend protein supplements for beginners?

If you have recently taken gym membership, you must have noticed that your trainer or gym buddy will ask you to purchase protein powders. After you complete two to three weeks of working out. They will even go out of the way to show you how these protein powders will be effective on you and start yielding out results for you too.

I am of the opinion that if you are a beginner, you should first get used to the workout schedule. Try to then increase your protein intake gradually from the food you eat. Start with Egg whites, chicken or amarnath, quinoa for the vegetarian friends of mine.

“Diet- a misunderstood word”

Once you have settled into a rhythm say approximately 3 months into your workout regime, that is when you should think about opting for protein supplements. Take a look at the different types of proteins one can consume.

Types of proteins to choose from

Once you have started taking protein supplements, remember that it is not going to yield immediate results. It takes time and patience to reach your goals.

23 thoughts on “Wheysted or Wasted ?”

  1. If you eat a balanced diet, you don’t need supplements. And if you must take some, they better be under the directions of your nutritionist or physician. Otherwise, you will just be throwing good money away.

  2. Too much protein is bad for you but if you’re someone who is building muscle mass and working out, you’ll need extra protein. That’s what people don’t understand. Level of activity can increase or decrease how much of certain Macros you need.

  3. You tips are very helpful and insightful. I will definitely use protein supplements when I am working out hard to help my muscles to grow and recover. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The need for extra protein and/or supplements is highly dependent on activity level. They are definitely useful when someone is seriously packing on some muscle!

  5. I am new into going to the gym. Although it is not my trainer who opens up about this topic. I learned that there are already many people who are already trying out these protein supplement.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I think actual protein is probably best than supplements unless, like others have said, you are really working out a lot. I recently heard of someone who overdosed on protein though and died, so it’s something to talk to a doctor about too!

  7. This is so helpful for all those who have recently joined a gym and have been advised to take supplements. Will share it with my friends.

  8. When people don’t understand something you are right in saying that they become negative about it. Protein in large quantities may not be good but some people need it to build muscle mass x

  9. This is the perfect guide for someone who’s just getting into this routine. iI have seen a lot of people take excessive amounts of protein. Like you said, that’s not the ‘whey’ it works 🙂 Cheers!!

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