Can You Lose Weight in 20 days?

It all started with a text message,’Lose Weight in 20 days’, from one of the so-called we guarantee weight loss clinics. Yes, they do exists and a lot of people fall prey to such marketing gimmicks.

It is very amusing that these clinics/companies/gyms claim to squeeze the fat out of our bodies in just 20 days! Do you really believe in the claims they make?

The fat that we accumulate on our bodies over the years is expected to disappear without doing any workout or physical activity. Here is a proof of what these clinics claim-

Is it really possible?

The weight loss or diet clinics/companies usually play with your emotions and your lack of knowledge of how diet and exercise can aid weight loss or fat loss. Having said that, I am not against you trying any new diet but one should also understand that something which is fast and easy doesn’t last for long. But do not fall for marketing gimmicks and spend thousands on clinics which will assure you spot reduction. It is simple, Spot Reduction Does Not Exist.

How can you lose weight?

Since the time I have had drastic changes in my physical appearance, a lot of people have come to me asking how did you do it?  Any specific diet you followed or did you take any supplements which claim to reduce fat?
weight loss Weight Loss

Well, weight loss is a long process and a commitment for life. Over a period of time, you will learn and understand what works for you and what doesn’t. So first thing first -Get out there and start any physical activity or workouts. In case you do not have the time or invest resources initially, working out at home is also possible. Follow these simple workout routines at home which can help and assist you to get in shape.

Journey of a thousand miles begins with single step-Lao Tzu

Beginner’s Guide to Home Workouts- Part 2

 I am back with part 2 of workout for beginners at home!

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Workouts at home are never exciting for beginners. We often are lazy or perhaps are not motivated enough. Through Life Is Transformation, you will have insights and tips on workout routines, diet and a lot more. With the onset of December, a lot of you guys tend to give a little attention to the growing waistline or the bulging beer belly.

The Problem

Let’s admit that every single one of you wants to be in the best shape possible and more often than not hit a roadblock because the gym memberships are expensive. A lot of you have work timings which do not permit you to squeeze in 45 minutes of your day to visit the gym.

The Solution

Working out at home is one of the easiest ways to get your fitness goals giving. No need to worry about any fancy pieces of equipment or expensive workout gear because I am here to give you all beginners some easy to do exercise at home which requires nothing more than a bag or a bottle of soda.

Watch the video below where I will be showing you 4 simple workouts which you can do at home without any pieces of equipment!!


The Right Pair Of Shoes

The topic for today is to set the basics right. Yes, do you wear the right pair of shoes for workouts? Yes, you heard me right. Footwear is an essential part of weight training or for that matter for running or cross training whatever your interest lies in.

Over the years I have gained knowledge and learnt a lot about fitness and weight training. Through I intend to provide the right tips and tricks which will help you in attaining your fitness goals.

Got it all wrong?

How often have we seen people at gym who wear the most appropriate gym apparel but wear ill-fitted and incorrect shoes? Well, this is purely due to lack of information out there for people to read on this topic.

One of the key reason to choose the correct shoes is your safety. Shoes help and assist ankles and the tendons around it and stabilize the feet when in motion.  Secondly, there are specific shoe types for specific various purposes. Usually one must prefer shoes which have a flat sole while doing weight training. On the other hand while running and walking one can opt for shoes which have a curved solve thereby allowing the runner to move his balance more swiftly.
A correct pair of shoe will help you in improving your workouts and once you get the correct pair that suits your workout style, I bet you will notice the difference in few days!
Here are few points which you can keep in mind when you step out to purchase your new pair.
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