“Diet- a misunderstood word”


The most difficult thing to do universally when one sets out on goal for body transformation is to follow a proper nutrition. I hate the word diet as it is the most misunderstood word and mind you the most misused word in the world of the fitness industry.

 In nutrition,diet is the sum of food consumed by a person .

Read the above-quoted sentence and you will immediately realize that it is just a small part of the nutrition. So what really matters is to have a correct nutrition which automatically sets your diet on the right track. I am sure everyone must have heard of these names and often unsuccessfully tried to follow these ‘diets’ from around the world to kickstart our journey of fitness be it ‘Vegan Diet’, Keto Diet or Atkinson’s Diet.

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Invariably we start with these fancy names and end up doing a ‘Crash Diet’ , meaning more often or not we starve our bodies almost to the point of inflicting potential threat to vital organs of our body.

So what really is the key to having correct nutrition ? What works for me may not work for you since our bodies are different and react differently to certain foods. The key to correct nutrition is to understand your body and set our eating habits accordingly. Eating every 2hrs keeps our metabolism rate high . When I say eat it doesn’t mean have full meals after every 2hrs. Munch on some healthy and light snacks in between meals and do not do the mistake of going without any food for more than three hours that puts our bodies into a catabolic state. So see what works best for you and  share your feedback in the comments below.

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