An Un-Successful story


Successful People

The world is filled with stories of how most of the successful people were ordinary employees once and how they took the plunge into entrepreneurship! Just google this up and you will find a long list of names.

Looks like this is the only way to go if one has to be successfull in life.

You won’t find a long list of people described as ‘successful’ who have given up their self-employed status and gone back to working for someone else. For many, this is considered as a downward career graph as there are a lot of factors involved when someone takes such decisions.

The Unlearning Process

For those who know me, I had to take the decision to work for someone else as my self-employed career was headed nowhere. This takes a lot of toll physically and mentally to know that something which you are doing is absolutely not working out. But it takes a lot of courage to come out in the open and go back to working for someone else. The initial few months were extremely difficult as I had to adjust myself to take orders from someone else. Adjusting to taking orders was one of the most challenging aspects and I knew I had to take it all in my stride just to be in the game.


Today it’s been almost 2 and half years since I have been working in a corporate setup and life has never looked so bright and positive.

My story won’t be considered as a success story as there are no millions of dollars involved. 

For me the failures and setbacks I have had, have been put to rest. Today I am in a position to write about it which is owed only to the unlimited success I have achieved in my own eyes.


I leave you with a question to which only you can have an answer for – Do you still consider yourself Un-Successful? 

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  1. Yes I know what it means. First time I did it with 30, I felt it was to early and went back as an employee. I continued until 43 beforevinreiedbutbagain with a little more success. Today things start to finalize and get streamlined

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